Mike Golic Jr. Part II (plus 5 mins of post show “meeting”)

This week we sat down with the man known to listeners as
GoJo and talk to him about which co-worker he’d put in charge to make a party music playlist, just how gross was the Nathan’s Hit Dog Eating Contest and whether he would let Mikey C. date a family member!

Lour After Hours Lineup: @BeepCount @StugotzArmy790 @Cutts904 @HalloweenBasic @staiano @PapoJons, formerly imbecilepotus @TheCoteCavalry @steve_arduini @JohnAGauldin @los_jiv @ASOM233334 @MorganFromAus @yo_dbro @crispymemed @LeBatard_Reddit @mikeryanruizfan @iamkevinito @stupacarmy790

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