Katie Hnida – New Mexico True

We are joined by Katie Hnida ( @KatieHnida ) the first woman to score in an NCAA Football game. She talks about her journey to Colorado University and the sexual assault that led her to the University of New Mexico.

If you, or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, speak out! Enough is enough. The time to take a stand is long overdue! Visit https://www.rainn.org for more information.

You can also find other resources at the following links:

PAVE (Promoting Awareness Victims Empowerment) @PAVEInfo

Victims Rights Law Center @victimrightslaw

Champion Women @iChampionWomen

High Desert Family Services

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Brad Zibung – AKA Mr. Ricketts AKA Billionaire Brad

We are joined by Brad Zibung @realhecklerbrad one of Chicago’s top realtors and host of A Very Important Podcast by The Heckler! Brad tells us all about his weekend with Steak Sauce was, the dangers of playing #ThunderDrunk and his All-Time Disappointing Cubs team. We get to talk about his affinity for Virtual Bingo and we find out his favorite past guest from his podcast. ALSO we find out his favorite Hecklers, his thoughts on Theo Epstein, and we get his favorite rap album of all time!

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Brendan Tobin … and Taj Gibson

Today we get to talk to @Brendan_Tobin! (Tobin & Leroy: Mon-Fri 6-10AM, Tobin’s Fight Show: Sundays on 790 The Ticket)

We find out the best way he “Boxed In” @MiamiRadioBeast, the worst thing he did on air, and his greatest UFC fighters of all time.

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Magnús Ver Magnússon – Great Man Son of the Great

We are joined by Magnús Ver Magnússon, the World’s Strongest Man! We get to know why bagpipes are his jam, his favorite event in Strongman Competitions, how he would shop for clothes, his diet when he was at his peak, and his thoughts on The Mountain!

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