JT V 5.0 – LCS Recap and WS Preview

Jeremy Tache, @JeremyTache joins once again to talk about the ALCS and NLCS. We also preview the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. Are the Dodgers and the 90’s Braves the Spider-Man meme???

Lineup: @staiano (Ant) @morganfromaus @PapoJons, formerly imbecilepotus (Jon in Miami) @PLacey (Pam)

Jeremy Taché 4.0

The other JT, @JeremyTache joins us again to talk about an unexpected Marlins season and what he sees for the future of baseball in Miami.

Baseball Tonight Lour After Hours Style Lineup: @staiano (Ant from Brooklyn) @BeepCount @HalloweenBasic (Pamela) @los_jiv (hey it’s Jeff) @MorganFromAus (Morgan from Australia) @PapoJons, formerly imbecilepotus (Jon in Miami)

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